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High Protein Foods – Choosing Meat

Foods Rich in ProteinFollowing the previous post about protein rich foods, this article will consider meat as another product that definitely belongs to high protein foods and how to make the proper choice on the market today. Unfortunately, the meats that we get today are very different from those that our paleolithic ancestors used to digest. Probably the closest you can get to those today is by buying wild boar, rabbit, buffalo, venison or kangaroo. These meats are higher in protein what makes them healthier. More than that, wild meats are also much lower in fat compared to domesticated sorts of meat.

So if we think about meat belonging to high protein foods, we should take into our mind that the ordinary meat that you buy in the supermarket is 6 times as fatty and only about 3 quarters as rich in protein the wild meat. As a matter of fact, all organic red meats like beef and lamb are excellent sources of zinc, a mineral that’s enormously important not only for insulin balance and weight loss but also for skin and the reproductive system. It turns out that free-range and organic meat is far better than factory farmed in every way.

Whatever meat you buy, always choose the leanest cuts you can find. Organic meats are guaranteed to be free of antibiotics, steroids, herbicides and pesticides. One exciting development in some countries such as the United States is that some farmers are beginning to feed their animals on foodstuffs rich in omega-3 fatty acids, so within a few years we may have meat available with a heathier fatty-acid profile than the meats we have today.

Speaking of different kinds of meat as high protein foods, we should note that the same is true about chicken. In some countries you can now buy chickens that are labelled as having been fed with an omega-3-rich fishmeal or flaxseed. The meat and the eggs from these chickens have a much better ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. But it may take some time before this practice is widespread.