Protein Shakes in Travel

Whey protein shakes have become an indispensable part in lives of many people today. For those who prefer high protein diet and have to travel much there are these tips.

Travel with Whey Protein ShakesWhile you are travelling in the car, train, bus or in airlines, just carry a plastic shaker and a couple of small plastic bags to put a good dose of microfiltered whey protein in it to make a perfect protein shake on the road. All you need it to pour some clean water into the shaker, add your whey protein powder, shake it up and drink it. As simple as that!

When stuck in a long meeting without food, you can go to the ladies room (or gentlemen’s, hehe) to mix up your protein shake. The great thing about it is that you always know that there is some whey protein will carry you through to the next decent meal.

So good luck and happy travelling!

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