Protein Rich Foods Help Lose Weight

The newest study in nutrition proves that protein rich foods with a lower glycemic index help dieters lose weight.

Lose weight with high protein dietAll in all, the study involved about one thousand people from eight European countries. The participants were divided into several groups with different dietary models. The models varied according to the amount of protein contained in foods and their glycemic index (GI). At the same time no limits how much the patients could eat were set.

The group of the dieters who ate foods with little protein and high amount of carbohydrates (i.e. with a high GI) showed an average weight gain of 1.67 kg after the initial weight loss. It was the only group with such a significant weight gain. It was also the group that most study participants decided to leave soon.

The group that kept high protein diet with a high GI averagely gained 0.93 kg less than the first one. Finally, the participants who ate protein rich foods with a low GI experienced weight loss. It was the only group with such a result.

This was not unexpected. The authors of the study claim that a diet consisting of protein rich foods and low amount of carbohydrates is ideal for those who want to lose weight or maintain it after the initial weight loss.

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