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Whey Protein Ice Cream

Whey Protein Ice CreamFor those who like to experiment with cold foods whey protein ice cream can be a great discovery. You can make such delicious ice cream from pure microfiltered whey protein plus a few things added for flavor that for a time. This could be just amusing and useful at the same time. It can also add a lot to your high protein diet so that you can really enjoy it.

So all that you will need is:

  • A few scoops of microfiltered whey protein powder (enough to yield 40g of pure protein)
  • 200 ml (6 1/2 fl oz) chilled water
  • Or 200 ml (6 1/2 fl oz) unsweetened coconut cream
  • 3 ice cubes
  • Artificial sweetener to taste
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract or coffee, chocolate, orange or lemon
  • 60g raspberries or blueberries (optional)
  • An ice cream chiller or an ice cube tray without the dividers in it

How to make all that:

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender that crushes the ice completely. Place in an ice cream maker or chiller for 10—15 minutes until ice cream is formed. If you don’t have an ice-cream maker, you can pour the mixture into flat ice cube trays (provided you remove the dividers) and put in the freezer to chill. Remove every 10—15 minutes and mix with a fork so that it doesn’t go completely hard and then chill again. This usually takes 30—45 minutes. What you end up with is a delicious ice cream which is entirely made of protein if you go for water; or which is low in carbs if you go for coconut cream.

So after all you will have:

  • Protein – 40g per recipe
  • Usable carbohydrate – 0g per recipe

Hope this recipe will add some sweetness to your high protein diet.

Whey Protein Reduces Acne

According to the new study published in the journal Nutrition, milk rich in whey protein can considerably reduce acne.

Acne vulgaris is a common skin disease that affects about 80 percent of teenagers and young adults. The causes of it are increased sebum production and large amounts of bacteria that may lead to inflammatory skin conditions. Lactoferrin, a whey protein represented in milk, has a beneficial effect on skin by ameliorating inflammation.

The research involved patients (average age 25) who ingested lactoferrin-enriched milk in a 4-month period. The results showed that increased daily intake of whey protein reduced the visible signs of acne by 20 percent.

Thus, milk rich in protein Lactoferrin could be an alternative acne treatment. So if you suffer from acne vulgaris or skin inflammation, why not trying it? It can be also recommended to avoid sugar, certain additives, hydrogenated fats, and wheat. Also don’t use chemical skin care products too much to prevent irritation.


Protein Shakes in Travel

Whey protein shakes have become an indispensable part in lives of many people today. For those who prefer high protein diet and have to travel much there are these tips.

Travel with Whey Protein ShakesWhile you are travelling in the car, train, bus or in airlines, just carry a plastic shaker and a couple of small plastic bags to put a good dose of microfiltered whey protein in it to make a perfect protein shake on the road. All you need it to pour some clean water into the shaker, add your whey protein powder, shake it up and drink it. As simple as that!

When stuck in a long meeting without food, you can go to the ladies room (or gentlemen’s, hehe) to mix up your protein shake. The great thing about it is that you always know that there is some whey protein will carry you through to the next decent meal.

So good luck and happy travelling!