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Tasty Whey Protein Drink

Chocolate Protein DrinkWhen it comes to whey proteins everyone knows that it is a food that has no taste. To make it more palatable you need to add something to enhance the taste. Since whey protein is not a medication, you don’t need to drink it like medicine. You must enjoy drinking it. The best ingredient to add to enhance the taste is cocoa powder. Since it is also is a natural ingredient it will not spoil the reputation of the product. Cocoa taste is one that most people like and also it is able to mask any off taste the natural whey protein could produce. As a result, chocolate protein drink becomes a more palatable protein drink.

From the point of view of nutrition this product is similar to the whey protein powder with the only difference that it is flavored with chocolate. The active ingredients of the product are the whey proteins. Most often these cocoa flavored products are added with flavor in addition to cocoa to enhance the cocoa taste. There are many brands of chocolate protein drink in the market. Almost all have the same ingredients with slight differences between them.

The most frequent use of the product is for athletes and for body builders as a protein supplement. Since the whey proteins are readily soluble in water they could be used as a drink when athletes and body builders are going through their workouts. When the drink is taken it is absorbed into the blood stream in minutes and it goes to the muscles where the proteins are utilized to repair them. Other proteins take several hours to reach where it is utilized. As a result chocolate protein drink is a good option for athletes.

Though it is the athletes who use this product mainly it is good for any one as it has a lot of essential amino acids. Whenever anyone needs quick protein he or she could use it for good effect. Though anyone could buy it from a super market shelf it is better to use it on your doctor’s advice.

In the manufacturing process the whey separated from milk is heated to only low temperatures to avoid denaturing of the proteins. The only heating process is the pasteurization which is the step where harmful bacteria are eliminated from the product. This process is called the low heat pasteurization. After the pasteurization the product is spray dried to convert into powder. To manufacture the chocolate protein drink cocoa powder added.

Whey proteins are able to increase the blood flow by suppressing the activity of some of the enzymes that make the blood vessels to contract. This is also one of the advantages of taking a glass of chocolate protein drink before a work out and during it. Not only that whey proteins are able to go to the site where they are necessary but also they could go quicker by keeping the blood vessels open to enable them to make better blood flow to the site where it is needed.


Protein Shakes in Travel

Whey protein shakes have become an indispensable part in lives of many people today. For those who prefer high protein diet and have to travel much there are these tips.

Travel with Whey Protein ShakesWhile you are travelling in the car, train, bus or in airlines, just carry a plastic shaker and a couple of small plastic bags to put a good dose of microfiltered whey protein in it to make a perfect protein shake on the road. All you need it to pour some clean water into the shaker, add your whey protein powder, shake it up and drink it. As simple as that!

When stuck in a long meeting without food, you can go to the ladies room (or gentlemen’s, hehe) to mix up your protein shake. The great thing about it is that you always know that there is some whey protein will carry you through to the next decent meal.

So good luck and happy travelling!