Protein Diet Plan: Lose Weight the Healthy Way

High protein diet planPutting an end to using carbohydrates as the main energy source is the toughest change for most people who are trying out a high protein diet. Carbohydrates provide a considerable amount of glucose the body requires for energy. Most folks take in a lot of carbs each day just for the sake of fueling the body. All of a sudden, when they can’t access the carbs any more for fuel they understand their dependence. This is the reason for why they can’t get the fat burned. The body is not at all going to access fat for energy when carbohydrates are readily available all the time. The dependency must be taken care of and the body should be made to use body-fat for energy production rather than the readily available supply of carbohydrates. This will pave way for weight loss.

One of the main advantages in using a high protein diet is the getting rid of bad carbs and junk food from the food plan. These are the carbs with high calories, trans fatty acids and saturated fat. Using these foods persistently in the food plan most often paves the way to health problems and an increase in danger of heart illness. Not all the carbs belong to the bad type, and usually it all depends on the source from which they are made. Carbs derived from veggies, fresh fruits, nuts and whole grains won’t augment the chances of heart problems or health illnesses. Even a high protein diet will contain a little bit of carbs since they are hard to shun totally. So see that you consume just the right ones as much as possible.

A lot of people take the high protein diet plan as the reply to years of weight gain and farfetched results from various weight loss programs. On the other hand, a word of caution is required when trying to go for this type of diet. Just as carbs can be good or bad so can protein. The source of protein for a lot of people is animal meat, and these can arrive loaded with saturated fat. Now just because the body is burning up the fat for getting energy due to lack of carbs does not imply that protein doesn’t have any risks on its own. Many have seen a huge climb in cholesterol ratings owing to excess protein consumption. It is a fine idea to get a comprehensive health checkup before going for any new diet plan. Let your doctor know your plans and get safe and dependable recommendations before getting things started.

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Whey Protein Ice Cream

Whey Protein Ice CreamFor those who like to experiment with cold foods whey protein ice cream can be a great discovery. You can make such delicious ice cream from pure microfiltered whey protein plus a few things added for flavor that for a time. This could be just amusing and useful at the same time. It can also add a lot to your high protein diet so that you can really enjoy it.

So all that you will need is:

  • A few scoops of microfiltered whey protein powder (enough to yield 40g of pure protein)
  • 200 ml (6 1/2 fl oz) chilled water
  • Or 200 ml (6 1/2 fl oz) unsweetened coconut cream
  • 3 ice cubes
  • Artificial sweetener to taste
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract or coffee, chocolate, orange or lemon
  • 60g raspberries or blueberries (optional)
  • An ice cream chiller or an ice cube tray without the dividers in it

How to make all that:

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender that crushes the ice completely. Place in an ice cream maker or chiller for 10—15 minutes until ice cream is formed. If you don’t have an ice-cream maker, you can pour the mixture into flat ice cube trays (provided you remove the dividers) and put in the freezer to chill. Remove every 10—15 minutes and mix with a fork so that it doesn’t go completely hard and then chill again. This usually takes 30—45 minutes. What you end up with is a delicious ice cream which is entirely made of protein if you go for water; or which is low in carbs if you go for coconut cream.

So after all you will have:

  • Protein – 40g per recipe
  • Usable carbohydrate – 0g per recipe

Hope this recipe will add some sweetness to your high protein diet.

High Protein Foods – Choosing Meat

Foods Rich in ProteinFollowing the previous post about protein rich foods, this article will consider meat as another product that definitely belongs to high protein foods and how to make the proper choice on the market today. Unfortunately, the meats that we get today are very different from those that our paleolithic ancestors used to digest. Probably the closest you can get to those today is by buying wild boar, rabbit, buffalo, venison or kangaroo. These meats are higher in protein what makes them healthier. More than that, wild meats are also much lower in fat compared to domesticated sorts of meat.

So if we think about meat belonging to high protein foods, we should take into our mind that the ordinary meat that you buy in the supermarket is 6 times as fatty and only about 3 quarters as rich in protein the wild meat. As a matter of fact, all organic red meats like beef and lamb are excellent sources of zinc, a mineral that’s enormously important not only for insulin balance and weight loss but also for skin and the reproductive system. It turns out that free-range and organic meat is far better than factory farmed in every way.

Whatever meat you buy, always choose the leanest cuts you can find. Organic meats are guaranteed to be free of antibiotics, steroids, herbicides and pesticides. One exciting development in some countries such as the United States is that some farmers are beginning to feed their animals on foodstuffs rich in omega-3 fatty acids, so within a few years we may have meat available with a heathier fatty-acid profile than the meats we have today.

Speaking of different kinds of meat as high protein foods, we should note that the same is true about chicken. In some countries you can now buy chickens that are labelled as having been fed with an omega-3-rich fishmeal or flaxseed. The meat and the eggs from these chickens have a much better ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. But it may take some time before this practice is widespread.

Protein Rich Foods – How to Choose Fish

Fish is one of the protein rich foods that usually comes to mind first. When buying fish, there are several tips to consider.

Salmon Proteins Rich FoodsFirst, make sure it’s fresh and as unprocessed as possible. If you really care for your health and best protein delivery, buy only best fresh fish and seafood products instead of processed forms such as smoked fish, crab cakes and breaded fish. Though, there’s no harm in having the odd slice of smoked salmon, especially if it is naturally smoked, but the fact remains the same – the more a fish is processed, the less quality it brings you in terms of protein and health level. Moreover, these days most smoked salmon has sugar added to it.

So always ask the person serving you which fish is the freshest and what days of the week different kinds of fish arrive in the shop. You can tell a lot about the freshness of fish just by its smell and look. Really fresh fish does not smell like fish at all. It smells more like the salty bite of a sea breeze. If it’s a whole fish you are looking at, just pull back its gills – tey should be bright red. If they go pale pink or grey, you should know that the fish has been sitting in the shop too long.

Considering the benefits of protein rich foods, add oily fish to your diet once or twice a week, as it’s rich in pre-formed omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. This means diat the omega-3s in wild salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna and herrings can be absorbed by the body without conversion to make it usable. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to reduce the levels of triglycerides in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids also help spur on fat burning and weight loss, as well as lower blood pressure and improve overall heart function.

If you are overweight and insulin-resistant, it is very likely that your body has some difficulty making this conversion, possibly because you have favored omega-6 fatty acids over omega-3. In such a case your ability to handle fats may have become compromised, and fish oil will bring much better results.

Tasty Whey Protein Drink

Chocolate Protein DrinkWhen it comes to whey proteins everyone knows that it is a food that has no taste. To make it more palatable you need to add something to enhance the taste. Since whey protein is not a medication, you don’t need to drink it like medicine. You must enjoy drinking it. The best ingredient to add to enhance the taste is cocoa powder. Since it is also is a natural ingredient it will not spoil the reputation of the product. Cocoa taste is one that most people like and also it is able to mask any off taste the natural whey protein could produce. As a result, chocolate protein drink becomes a more palatable protein drink.

From the point of view of nutrition this product is similar to the whey protein powder with the only difference that it is flavored with chocolate. The active ingredients of the product are the whey proteins. Most often these cocoa flavored products are added with flavor in addition to cocoa to enhance the cocoa taste. There are many brands of chocolate protein drink in the market. Almost all have the same ingredients with slight differences between them.

The most frequent use of the product is for athletes and for body builders as a protein supplement. Since the whey proteins are readily soluble in water they could be used as a drink when athletes and body builders are going through their workouts. When the drink is taken it is absorbed into the blood stream in minutes and it goes to the muscles where the proteins are utilized to repair them. Other proteins take several hours to reach where it is utilized. As a result chocolate protein drink is a good option for athletes.

Though it is the athletes who use this product mainly it is good for any one as it has a lot of essential amino acids. Whenever anyone needs quick protein he or she could use it for good effect. Though anyone could buy it from a super market shelf it is better to use it on your doctor’s advice.

In the manufacturing process the whey separated from milk is heated to only low temperatures to avoid denaturing of the proteins. The only heating process is the pasteurization which is the step where harmful bacteria are eliminated from the product. This process is called the low heat pasteurization. After the pasteurization the product is spray dried to convert into powder. To manufacture the chocolate protein drink cocoa powder added.

Whey proteins are able to increase the blood flow by suppressing the activity of some of the enzymes that make the blood vessels to contract. This is also one of the advantages of taking a glass of chocolate protein drink before a work out and during it. Not only that whey proteins are able to go to the site where they are necessary but also they could go quicker by keeping the blood vessels open to enable them to make better blood flow to the site where it is needed.


Whey Protein Reduces Acne

According to the new study published in the journal Nutrition, milk rich in whey protein can considerably reduce acne.

Acne vulgaris is a common skin disease that affects about 80 percent of teenagers and young adults. The causes of it are increased sebum production and large amounts of bacteria that may lead to inflammatory skin conditions. Lactoferrin, a whey protein represented in milk, has a beneficial effect on skin by ameliorating inflammation.

The research involved patients (average age 25) who ingested lactoferrin-enriched milk in a 4-month period. The results showed that increased daily intake of whey protein reduced the visible signs of acne by 20 percent.

Thus, milk rich in protein Lactoferrin could be an alternative acne treatment. So if you suffer from acne vulgaris or skin inflammation, why not trying it? It can be also recommended to avoid sugar, certain additives, hydrogenated fats, and wheat. Also don’t use chemical skin care products too much to prevent irritation.


Protein Shakes in Travel

Whey protein shakes have become an indispensable part in lives of many people today. For those who prefer high protein diet and have to travel much there are these tips.

Travel with Whey Protein ShakesWhile you are travelling in the car, train, bus or in airlines, just carry a plastic shaker and a couple of small plastic bags to put a good dose of microfiltered whey protein in it to make a perfect protein shake on the road. All you need it to pour some clean water into the shaker, add your whey protein powder, shake it up and drink it. As simple as that!

When stuck in a long meeting without food, you can go to the ladies room (or gentlemen’s, hehe) to mix up your protein shake. The great thing about it is that you always know that there is some whey protein will carry you through to the next decent meal.

So good luck and happy travelling!

Protein Rich Foods Help Lose Weight

The newest study in nutrition proves that protein rich foods with a lower glycemic index help dieters lose weight.

Lose weight with high protein dietAll in all, the study involved about one thousand people from eight European countries. The participants were divided into several groups with different dietary models. The models varied according to the amount of protein contained in foods and their glycemic index (GI). At the same time no limits how much the patients could eat were set.

The group of the dieters who ate foods with little protein and high amount of carbohydrates (i.e. with a high GI) showed an average weight gain of 1.67 kg after the initial weight loss. It was the only group with such a significant weight gain. It was also the group that most study participants decided to leave soon.

The group that kept high protein diet with a high GI averagely gained 0.93 kg less than the first one. Finally, the participants who ate protein rich foods with a low GI experienced weight loss. It was the only group with such a result.

This was not unexpected. The authors of the study claim that a diet consisting of protein rich foods and low amount of carbohydrates is ideal for those who want to lose weight or maintain it after the initial weight loss.